Learn to play the guitar with a qualified, professional guitar teacher.

Whether you just want to strum a few chords to sing along to or whether you want to become a highly advanced musician.
No matter what your level, what style you want to play or how old you are, there is no better way to learn to play the guitar than with one on one private tuition from an experienced, accomplished guitar player.

Guitar lesson in Skegness
Acousic guitar lesson in Skegness

“I’d been learning to play the guitar at school for a year and had only been taught how to play four or five notes. After 18 months of lessons with Jason, I was up to grade 2!”

Jake Paulson (beginner – age 11)

Of course you could learn a few chords from a friend, go to group lessons in school, watch some YouTube videos but if you live in or around Skegness you have a great opportunity usually only available to music students or people with lots of money! You can learn to play the guitar with a top quality professional guitar teacher, and gain from years of professional experience and tuition from some of the greatest guitarists in the world.

Guitar Lessons At 68!

“When I retired from work it was my ambition to learn to play the Acoustic Guitar. Jason made the transition from never playing an instrument simple. I am now a year into learning to play as well as reading music. Jason with his fountain of knowledge and professionalism is a must for students of all ages wanting to play the guitar.
Jason’s patience and dedication to teaching is second to none. I would advise anyone out there wanting to learn the Guitar professionally to contact Jason.

Guitar lesson in Skegness
Older guitar students welcome


A crucial time for any guitarist. Get into bad habits at the start and you can spend years undoing them. Get yourself off to the best start possible by developing a solid foundation for your guitar playing. Save yourself years of frustration by learning to play properly right from the start. Learn how to practice properly to achieve results in the shortest time possible. Give yourself all the basic tools you need to get going with whatever style you want to play.

“After starting guitar lessons with Jason I decided, as an experiment, to go to some other guitar teachers in Skegness to compare them. None of them were anywhere near as good as Jason. I tested these other teachers by doing things that I knew were wrong to see if they would pick me up on these things. None of them did. I also asked them questions, for example: after showing me a G chord I asked “why is it a G chord?”. All I got as a response was “because it is!”. I have friends that have been playing the guitar for years. I couldn’t believe it when I would ask them things like: “What note are you playing there?” and they didn’t even know! Whenever I learn anything, I want to learn it properly and understand everything I am doing. Jason is the only guitar teacher or guitar player that I have found in Skegness that can teach me in the manner I wish to be taught. He is a fountain of knowledge and always answers my questions clearly and thoroughly and never lets me get away with doing anything wrong. His ability and depth of musical knowledge makes him an exceptional guitar teacher.”

Dr Taiwo (beginner – age 60)
Electric guitar lesson in Skegness
Electric guitar lesson in Skegness

Intermediate and Advanced

Learn how to take your playing to the next level, overcome barriers that have been frustrating you for years quickly and efficently, know your fretboard inside out, advanced plectrum and fingerstyle techniques, improve your playing by ear, sight read, music theory, composition, understand chords and harmony, improve your tone production, create professional killer lead guitar solos, take your rhythm guitar playing to a professional level and much more.

“Thanks to Jason I was accepted as a guitar student into the London Institute of Music. I’d been playing the guitar for a number of years and wanted to go and study at the London Institute of Music. I went for an audition but they didn’t accept me. They said I was an accomplished player but my fretboard knowledge was not up to the high standard they require of their guitar students. I looked around for a guitar teacher in Skegness that was good enough to give me the knowledge I needed, thankfully I found Jason. After just 6 months of lessons with Jason he taught me everything I needed to know, so I auditioned again and they accepted me.”

Jacob Rawlinson (advanced – age 16)